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Accompanying R-One to create a new life cycle for garbage!

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Accompanying R-One to create a new life cycle for garbage!

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Field of activity

The main areas of activity of R-One

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Digital Transformation Consulting (R-Advisor)

Consulting on digital transformation for collection and recycling businesses, providing IT solutions to help digital transformation, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs of businesses.

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Scrap collection (R-Center)

Enforce digital transformation in scrap collection, thus forming a sustainable solution for waste collection and recycling in Vietnam.

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E-commerce (R-Exchange)

Promote, build and develop an online trading platform for the recycling industry and eco-friendly products on the Recycling Point platform.

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Innovation Center for Circular Economy (R-Accelerator)

Coordinating with the National Agency for Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Development (NATEC) of the Ministry of Science and Technology, building an Innovation Center on the circular economy.

About us

Recycle One builds and develops systems/solutions that impact all actors in the value chain of the circular economy – One connection, multiple platforms – to meet the needs of the recycling industry in Vietnam


68/2 Le Van Sy Street Ward 11, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

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By 2025, Recycle One platform becomes an effective waste management tool and a trusted destination for all transactions in the circular economy.

  • Digital transformation consulting (R-Advisor) is a digital transformation service that helps increase efficiency and reduce operating costs of collection and recycling businesses.

  • Scrap collection (R–Center) is the receiving and purchasing point of recyclable waste after sorting.

  • E-commerce (R–Exchange) is an online exchange for buying and selling recycled and environmentally friendly products.

  • The Innovation Center for Circular Economy (R-Accelerator) is the cradle of innovation to help develop digital transformation solutions for businesses in the circular economy.



We help organizations successfully achieve their sustainability goals by transforming consumer culture through education and technology adoption across the recycling industry value chain

Core values

Commitment – Transparency – Efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. (Why) Why is R-One formed?

Recycle One was established to "unlock the operation" of the circular economy model in waste management by building and developing a solution system that affects all actors in the value chain of the economy. cycle – A cross-platform connection – Research; deploy and develop solutions to most of the existing problems of the recycling industry in Vietnam.

2. (What) What is the goal of R-One?

R-One helps to protect the environment by increasing the amount of recyclable waste; reducing landfill waste; leaking into the environment. Simultaneously; we help collectors increase their income; help collection/recycling businesses increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

3. (How) How does R-One work?

At Recycle One; environmental and information technology experts come together to establish a platform with a system of multi-dimensional solutions to create "keys" that can "unlock" the circular economy model in waste management.

The "existing locks" in the story of Waste Management in Vietnam that stand out can be listed as "Separating waste at source"; "Collection"; "Storage"; “Processing” and “Technology”.

4. What is R-One App used for?

The App was developed by Recycle One to connect Emission Sources (Households; individuals; organizations...) with Scrap collectors in phase 1.

In the next stages the app will be designed and developed so that it can connect with all stakeholders who have an impact in establishing a new life cycle for Vietnam's domestic waste.


Download the R-One app directly from the Apple Store and Google Play

Vui lòng tải và cài đặt ứng dụng tại Apple Store và Google Play theo thông tin bên dưới.

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At R-One, the application of information technology to environmental protection activities, creating a green planet, clean water & pure atmosphere for everyone is the focus of all our activities!